With the stresses from the holidays nearing, I felt the need to just get away from everything and enjoy a few old vices. In my attempts to capture a more laid back moi, I chose to wear my shredded white number from UNIF out onto the city streets; it's so carefree and the ends feather out to make it a fun dress simply to walk around in. 
     However, it isn't exactly light dress weather, so to accommodate, I styled the dress with what I normally would: tights and a button up. I've worn tights so often that it almost seems alien to expose my legs completely when wearing shorts or dresses. For an added layer of warmth, I brought my big olive parka from Forever 21 (even in winter, the weather here can fickle between warm and cold.)  

What I Wore: Olive Parka- F21 | Button Up- Charles and a Half | Stray Dress- UNIF | Sheer Tights- H&M | Shoes- Dr. Martens

 -Xo Asia-


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