Suck My WANG

     So we're currently in February, which means that we are heading towards the end of our cold season (here anyway it might as well be considered Spring) which means time to actually try and put forth some effort towards attaining that fitness goal everyone has in the back of their heads that they ignore until they come across the perfect bralette/cropped anything. To get into the spirit, I went with my version of what I would probably look like and wear if I actually used my gym membership... thanks to local designer Hotelier I was able to find the perfect cropped shirt with a feisty little saying to pack a punch to everyone who beat me in getting the ALEXANDER WANG X HM Collection (because yes I'm still not over it.)

What I Wore: 

WANG crop top: Hotelier

Faux fur jacket: Urban Outfitters

Shorts: TopShop

Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

- Xo Asia -

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