Late Night to Nowhere

     I'm so completely in love with the weather lately here in Vegas. Tis the season to layer and still get away with a few summer articles! I love the 80's- 90's grunge look, (think Shirley Manson and Johnny Depp circa '95) and went for a look with the inspiration of Emilio Estevez's ( Andy Clark from the Breakfast Club) and Madonna's love child, a beautiful thought. I layered a classic denim jacket with my favorite flannel over my Sparkle&Fade gold corset for a subtle glam look. I love the masculine shape of the broad shouldered denim jacket over the feminine corset and miniskirt combination. Finished off with faded cherry red Dr. Martens to flow with the red flannel and tie in the whole ensemble.

What I'm Wearing:

Denim Jacket- Esprit | Flannel- Thrifted | Gold Corset- Sparkle & Fade | Black Miniskirt- Forever 21 | Sheer Tights- H&M | Shoes- Dr. Martens

-Xo Asia-


  1. first of all I like the whole idea to shoot snaps at night time, it looks pretty amazin´and bit unusual, so well done! And second, Cherry Lips is one of my fav songs by Garbage (as well as Paranoid)
    let´s follow each other?


    1. Thanks! I wanted the night backdrop to give my outfit an extra little rebellious flare!
      Anyway, I followed you!

      Thanks for the feedback!