Say What?! Nikki Lipstick Popup Shop

  On September 28th the Beauty Bar transformed itself into the Sad Girl's Doll House showcasing Nikki Lipstick's line of glam goth fashion. The event, hosted by Indiekrush, featured Nikki's popup shop and a live photo shoot for the Dolls throughout the entire night. Described as "Good shit for bad bitches and boys," the brand is not for the mundane outfitter. 
     The Lipstick line consists mostly of statement graphic tees and various assortments of pasties,  (think if My Little Pony and the Misfits collaborated for a fashion line!) 
     I love Nikki's metal glam style and can tell you that her new pieces for fall are killer. Naturally, I had to get her new leopard studded varsity jacket into my possession as soon as I could (I've had my eye on it for months now.) Seeing as how completely in love with the jacket I was, I stole the opportunity to take as many pictures in it as possible; expect a proper outfit post next week featuring it. 

What I Wore:  Jacket- Nikki Lipstick | Velvet mesh top- Urban Outfitters | Pants- Michael Kors | Shoes- UNIF 

- See the full event pictures on IndieKrush's facebook page - 

-Xo Asia-

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