Lust for Life

     Vegas weather has been a bit fickle lately. Ill dress for cold weather and have to remove several layers later into the day. Or to avoid that, you can go with an outfit that looks complete with or without layers. For instance,  this grunge-prep school girl outfit is perfect for whatever the manipulative early stages of fall weather throw at you!
     As said in my last post, I'm wearing my new studded leopard jacket with my Dimepiece rendition of Beavis and Butthead and a tartan skirt. Going into the layering aspect of this outfit, during the hotter parts of the day the jacket and possibly the tights aren't necessary to convey the edgy message of this look. I'm not really a big fan of soft fabric baseball tees, so I wore a white polka dot blouse underneath and folded the sleeves over my B"B shirt to give the shirt a more complete finish.  For my shoes, I went with my Goner platform sandals from Unif, they literally make me over 6 inches taller (every short girls answer to cheating height). These sandals work perfectly in fall even though they're open, they can be worn with tights and/or any assortment of leg knitwear and still look unforced.

 What I Wore: Leopard Jacket- Nikki Lipstick | Babeus and Bootygirl Tee- Dimepiece | Tartan Skirt- F21 | Shoes- UNIF 

-Xo Asia-

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