Last Weekend, Urban had their semi annual additional 50% off sale, and being the super thrift-savvy person that I am, I couldn't help but splurge a little on all of the great deals. One of my amazing finds was this wicked tank dress from Bitching & Junkfood. I love this brand because of their obnoxious and unapologetic screen prints combined with cheeky cuts and cool shapes. I'm big on wardrobing myself at a nice equilibrium between casual and dressy. You never know who or what opportunities you might run into, so I always try to stay at a nice middle ground (it's the optimist in me).. 
     To make this more dressy, (in my taste), I wore my black distressed leather Jeffrey Campbell's and kept the young urban feel of the outfit with my La beanie and my favorite red flannel (literally one of my most favorite articles of clothing ever.)  Also, this tank is a bit showy on the sides, so to avoid any unnecessary attention, I slipped on my gold bralette from American Apparel.  

What I Wore: Flannel- Thrifted | LA Beanie- Pacsun | Tank Dress- Bitching & Junkfood | Stockings- American Apparel | Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell

- Xo Asia- 

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