What's The Good in Being Good?

     Although my "Spring Break" hasn't exactly been the equivalent to a Harmony Korine directed movie featuring my future husband bailing me out of jail, I've managed to find a few excuses to dress up and face the rest of society. We are now officially in Spring, but my taste will never abandon all shades of black. This is like an intro to Spring outfit. As always, I strategically wore tights and a light over shirt to compensate for the changing weather. The focal point of this outfit is based around my cutesy little dress from Trixxi Girl, check out their mega girly dresses at TrixxiGirl.com !

What I wore:
| Black Overshirt- Calvin Klein | | "Kaitlyn" Dress by TrixxiGirl | 
| Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell |

- Xo Asia -

Although this song is très darling, the original music video is a Must See, because I am head over heels about it!


  1. I really love those shoes in the header photo! but your style is also pretty bad ass

    francesca from Frank Vinyl