Cult Luxury

At Magic I had the pleasure of meeting and talking to Dennis Bence of Kill Star Clothing. After obsessing over all of their new spring collections, I found myself drawn to this black tank dress referencing one of my favorite movies, The Craft (see below.) As said on their website, "KILLSTAR is a dark n' edgy lifestyle cult, comprised of provocative thinking and unconventional ideas." Everything is either dark, or playing humor to otherwise sensitive personal reservations. The dress itself is rather long enough, but to add more personal flare, I wore my black racerback dress from freepeople under it and finished with a somewhat fitted leather jacket. Kind of going for a school girl I-hate-life-and-everyone-vibe. Oh wait, high school....

- Xo Asia -


  1. Super cool pics :)
    Nice Outfit too

  2. Very cool pics and super cool outfit too
    Good job!

  3. Very cool! you always have this unique look, very cool...

  4. Dennis Bence is rude and Do not shop with a kill-star. they are so rude and bad at everything..... and maybe you will never get your order.